I think this is the first goal that has players looking at the actual bird art, which Elizabeth discovered is remarkably unambiguous in regards to the direction each bird is facing. Gameplay. Or it can only be used to pay for birds that cost nectar and/or wild resources (such as base game’s Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, whose cost is 1 wild resource)? NZers are using the Maori names more and more for many of these birds, it would be amazing to have that represented! Can I play this expansion without the Wingspan core game? Very excited about this expansion! In other words you’ll never have to assign a value to the asterisk and then remember it for any length of time. I personally rolled them up and they replaced the old mats in the original box pretty easily. Here’s a recent blog post I wrote that illuminates our approach and some facts about the environmental footprint of manufacturing anything (plastic or otherwise): https://stonemaiergames.com/wood-vs-plastic-the-facts-about-custom-tokens/, We love to play with 3-4 players but where wondering with the ocean expansion of you would increase the players to 5-6. So far, even without the bird reveals you’ve sold me on this game and all of it’s future expansions! Release Details: The Wingspan Oceania Expansion will be available to preorder from Stonemaier Games on October 28 starting around 9:30 am CT, with preorders being shipped from fulfillment centers in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK in November and December. It is such a fun, accessible and beautiful game. Thanks for your suggestion, Christian! This content is not authorized for posting on Steam. Damit ist die Komponentenliste auch komplett und ich bin positiv überrascht, was den Preis angeht. In that case it seems the extra “or nectar” cost of the two mentioned birds would be superfluous — this led to some confusion in this household :). Just for purposes of shuffling, we recommend you choose 2 different sets and play with them. If you have a bonus card for birds with wingspan greater than X cm or less than X cm, the flightless bird qualifies for either? Right now there are North America, Europe, and Australia. Yes, each expansion will focus on a different continent, so we will someday get to South America. It is excess sugary solution from sucking up sap from plants. Wow I can’t wait for this expansion. Keep them coming!! Do u ship to Singapore? So while new expansions will hopefully function with the Oceania playmats, they’ll be designed primarily for the original player mats. Or is this because of a priority given to the $10 club members? I’m so glad you’re enjoying the game (and expansion! $43.45 $49.95. This usually applies to party games or games where cards get handled more, or passed around (I sleeved my entire CAH deck). At what time will it be available the 28th? Shipping will take us a while, as our fulfillment centers have a lot of units to ship, but I’m glad this was a pleasant surprise for you. Thank you! If you’d like us to make this neoprene mat, please indicate your desired quantity on this poll. “Some birds have yellow powers that activate only once, at the end of the game. Here’s the rulebook explanation for flightless birds: A few birds in the deck have a * symbol for their wingspan. Also, Daniel, in general, fulfillment centers have capacity limits–these are people shipping packages one by one, so not every order is going to get shipped at the same time. It will be just a box and a modular organizer–no gameplay content. I look forward to buying Oceania and every other expansion this game releases. Wingspan Automa lead designer David Studley is here today to discuss the solo mode for Oceania. Hi all. Feels like the original ones are useless now and will stay in the box forever :( There are a few that are sometimes ok (eg “fantail” for the Piwakawaka) but using “NZ Wood Pigeon” for Kereru will at the least get some raised eyebrows, and using “woodhen” for Weka would be considered ridiculous. I forgot we used her email with the order. True! This expansion includes new player mats and a … Do you know of it will be released in german language this year as well? Thanks Joe. click on Shop in the upper right corner, then Online Store, you’ll see it there. I think this could be explained better, because it doesn’t say “only add the values, divide in half and round down for 1st place ties” it simply says that if two players are tied add the values and divide evenly, rounded down. Is their base point level lower or food cost higher, to balance out this powerful strength? I don’t know if I am alone with this opinion, but I could do it without another plastic insert for the cards. Me and my wife we love this boardgame. how much does the shipping fee cost? Wingspan is easily my #1 favorite board game. Big thanks to Natalia and Ana for creating such clear bird art for Wingspan! Most of the time I caught them in the frame it was luck. That’s correct. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. Is there a limit to how many copies one individual can purchase? That’s a question for Ghenos Games. Thanks Paul! The Oceania mat is more complex and perhaps not the best to teach new players. Animals, Educational, Expansion for Base - Game: Expansion: Expansion Game: Age Range: 10+ # of Players: 1 - 5: Game Mechanics: Card Drafting, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Set Collection: Playing Time: 45 min: Release Date: 25 Dec 2020: SKU: STM903: Is on Sale: No BoardGame-News-currently under reconstruction.. Twitter; Smashbomb; Wingspan Oceania Expansion. I was also concerned about this. Still, if there is a box that can include the card tray from the expansion along with the base game, it will be appreciated. I would appreciate it if you made use of some south Pacific artists artwork in your south Pacific edition. Feuerland is publishing the Oceania expansion in German, but the release date for that is their’s to announce. When we play we easily try to get a trend going (e.g., birds of prey, birds that let you stock up cards or food, expensive birds, etc. It will take you to our Shopify store. Here’s the corresponding question/answer about this in the FAQ: Just wanted to ask a question out of concern, being based in Australia a 9:30 am CT time puts this at 1:30 am our time, is it likely that i’m going to miss out if i don’t wait up all night to place a pre-order or do you have different allocations for those in different time zones. I feel so nervous! :) If you’re looking for “big box” version that includes all expansions, I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever make such a thing. There is a guide on this very site how to arrange the components so that everything fits. AddThis. Really looking forward to more great content for Wingspan. This makes it a very powerful bird, especially if placed early in a game. So, still a pretty equitable amount of game time, overall. ***** This may not be released in time for Christmas. If you play with Oceania birds (which I’ll talk about soon), you must use the new player mats; you can even use the mats in games of Wingspan without other elements of Oceania. I’m excited for this expansion. Tuck a card behind every card with the tuck power, but take the cards from the deck, not from your hand) Thank you SO EXCITED!!! That’s correct. The * is the indication. You can order anything together with Oceania during the preorder, and they’ll all ship when Oceania is available. David can be found on twitter @StudleyGamer and he actively participates on BoardGameGeek @DJStudley. Will Oceania include birds of paradise? You’ll know all components in expansion by the middle of next week. 5. fruit/nectar And New Zealand…no desert. Designing bits? A few birds have nectar as part of their cost to play or in their abilities, though it’s generally used as a wild food. But you are absolutely correct, Puffins do fly – they are certainly not flightless birds and no case can be made for them being flightless! For example, two players tied for most nectar would each receive 3 points. I think this is an excellent variation for a 2 player game. To clarify again, in the proceeding sentence it says “When some eucalypts are attacked by insects, they exude a sweet substance called manna.” Since the eucalyptus is the subject of the sentence, the word “they” would seem to refer to the eucalyptus plant, but I believe it is actually referring to the insect. (Tundra’s in there too.) In playtesting, did the nectar chips accumulate heavily? You’ll click on a button on this page that says “Preorder from Stonemaier”. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Srijan! It seems like that may make the board feel crowded or cluttered? If I had to guess, I would say the next one features South America. – Activate this bird’s row In my humble opinion Cockatiels and Budgies should be OP. It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds The game already plays 5 players. Or are they a single-habitat bird and thus it’s a non-issue? ie. Kudos to the designer (and the design team) for keeping the game relevant and making me and my wife coming back for more. If you look at the side of the Oceania Box it still says 1 – 5 players. I can’t reveal anything yet. Leo: You might be confusing nectar with the “any food” icon. I’ll also be back to post some polls and remind you when the preorder goes live (most likely in late October, with shipping in November). This actually resulted in more parallel elements–in column 1, you either get 1 food, 1 egg, or 1 card. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. I think both of these are possible. Where do you keep track of who gets the nectar bonus in each round? I’ll second a request for some birds from Oceania proper; someone suggested birds of paradise, and I’ll throw out those blue footed boobies from the Galapagos. There is a helpful diagram on the side of the box that suggests how the components are best stored. Marc: Our webstore does only list USD, but it will automatically convert any currency. There’s even an action in the grasslands that gives you this choice twice. I had a lot of trouble choosing a fact to go on the bottom of this card. You’ve already seen the Kiwi, but I wanted to show both it and the Wrybill and Kea, as I like how they give you a range of choices for bonus cards. good, so I am charges in my local currency. We’re planning to do one expansion per continent. Hi Michal! So if you need to pay 1 seed to tuck a card you can’t pay a nectar instead, you need to pay the seed. Hi, will this expansion only be a card expansion or will it introduce new components and/or mechanics as well? I ended up selecting the Buy option for Wingspan and once it takes you to the shop page if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the Oceania Expansion listed. I’m just thinking about others that may be unaware how quickly it might sell out. :). Thank you for a great game! Same problem. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. If possible, please read this post before responding to the poll. Copyright 2019 Stonemaier LLC. Hello! We figured as much, the question came up around the table one day and thought it sounded kinda interesting! Before I talk about them, I want to be clear that neither is as dramatic or game changing as they might sound. Kiwis also have an excellent sense of smell, and are the only bird in the world with nostrils at the end their beaks. He argues that more sugar is available to birds in Australia than in other parts of the world. This seems more powerful than some of the other hunters. As for other name-based bird cards, they’ve turned out to be the hardest to deal with when making expansions and translated versions of Wingspan, so I don’t predict that Elizabeth will create any more name-based bonus cards. Grace and peace to you :-). Please give a release date! Also, whenever we create a new expansion, we must operate under the assumption that a significant number of people who buy it will only have the core game. So it is possible to simply remove those 17 birds and play with the rest without using nectar tokens, the expansion player mats, or the Oceania food dice. 1) The secont bullet point on the top of page three includes “Nextar is not wild for bird abilities”. I hope there is pink powers (between turn trigger) in Oceania. Perhaps as a brown effect the pied currawong could allow you to predate another nest in your sanctuary and tuck two cards (I’m not sure on balance, so maybe they could be from the deck) or maybe take as many eggs as you want from any nest and tuck that many cards or that many plus one. Jamey has said previously that there will be new mats that will have both mats on the front/back. https://www.facebook.com/artbyjoelv/photos/a.440239816343507/1172246029809545/?type=3. I live in South Australia and they are my favourite backyard visitor. Why do I see other people getting pre-orders 2 weeks ago and I have not even heard anything about my preorder being shipped? Have any promo cards yet been be made, apart from what is found in the retail game? As an NZ local i am really looking forward to this expansion! :). The Hooded Warbler costs 2 invertebrates to play. But what does this mean when the wingspan is referenced in game? At the end of the game your average score (or in a more advanced version, lowest score) is compared against Automarazzi’s to decide who triumphs. Are the new dice identical? And way to go Stonemaier for the contribution to Australia. For example a player could put one of his/her birds down there and a next player can swap it for one of his/hers. Big fan of your company games (top quality and a lot of fun!). I think this is the main point of confusion. Or, if you’re like me, all of them. Melanesia has more bird species than Australia and about four times as many as New Zealand. And luckily the added words are usually recognizable without a list. I will be all over the pre-order like a hawk (no pun intended) but I worry that it will sell out in 3 minutes (something you as a publisher would probably love) and I’ll miss it. First up are a variety of “when activated” birds. Wingspan Oceania Expansion Board Game. Do you know if BGG will be making their Geekbit tokens for the Nectar as a separate purchase? :). Buy Wingspan: Oceania Expansion for $54.99 at Mighty Ape NZ. I noticed that there is a card that steals food from another player, but at least that player can get something from the bird feeder. Joe forwarded a note to you about this today. But will just the Oceania mats fit in the base game box without the original mats in it? My roommates and I play this game religiously. Is this why the magic number is 5 and 26? Participants get a special clip on bird to use as first player marker. Would a single flightless bird count towards both goals? Up in the forest in the second and fourth columns, you can spend a food to reset the birdfeeder before selecting 2 dice. Thanks for joining me for another weekend post, and tomorrow I’ll delve into much-anticipated new yellow ability on bird cards! But yes, Champion orders always ship first within each region. In the rule book it says: That was the plan from the start. That’s right–if you have nectar in your personal supply at the end of a round, you must discard it. It will be just a box and a modular organizer–no gameplay content.”, I cannot get the EU expansion into the core box the leave the eggs and half the cards in the expansion box in the cellar as it takes quite a few games to go through the cards as only two of us. Hooray! The “no goal” tile means that there’s no goal at all that round, so players don’t place an action token on the goal mat…meaning that they keep that action token. We do have a distributor there that we’re talking to today–I’ll bring this up. I have it, but wanted to play the base game a bit more before bringing it out. As Elizabeth noted, they can feel a bit like bonus cards: If you have them early in the game, you can plan around them, whether or not you play them right away. Community: (no votes) … Game arrived yesterday and we immediately sat down to play after reading new instructions and shuffling in the new cards. The Coomon Loon is already answered in the Oceania rulebook. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment.
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