You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. Coercion, Capital, and European States: Ad 990-1992 by Charles Tilly, The Instructional Power of Game-Based Learning and Simulation in Education, Classroom Motivation: Climate and Instructional Variables, The Instructional Power of Games-based learning and simulations in education, Literature review: The graduation and unemployment difficulties of adolescents with learning and behaviour disabilities. Learning difficulties and attention problems are also sources of misbehavior. Misbehaviour is often a reaction in order to fulfil the need (Cothran, Kulinna & Garrahy, 2009). Enhancing Student Learning in Middle School. Moreover, in this way, learning activities can be made more interesting because students will be able to interact with the teacher, instead of just following his/her commands. The individual, the school, the student’s family and peers were also key aspects. Your privacy is extremely important to us. London: Routledge. In the opinion of this scholar, a student’s behavior is driven by the need for belonging, willingness to acquire power or freedom, and the desire to have fun (Glasser, 1988, p. 7). Some of the questions that helped in coming up with the themes include; 1. For instance, some of them think that its causes are fully controllable by a student (Evertson & Weinstein, 2006, p. 203). (2020) 'Why Do Students Misbehave'. Very often the origins of misbehavior are very difficult to trace back because it can be explained by a variety of factors such as family problems, school environment, peer pressure, or psychological problems of a student (Moles, 1990, p. 259). Intervention in School and Clinic, 2008 43(3), 179-185. Concerning school as an element that determines a student’s behavior, Shirley stated that there should be well-stipulated policies, rules, and regulations in a school. Discussion. Mary explained that parents ought to be role models and teach their children on the importance of good behavior (McDonald, 2010). 1. As a result, such students continue to underperform. Mike seconded these issues saying that whenever he asked his son, Nick of why he behaved in a certain manner, he responded, ‘because my friends also do so’. IvyPanda. Delhi: Sarup & Sons. Some parents are not careful about how to raise their children, and then they misbehave with their parents and with everyone. In some cases, such an accusation can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your privacy is extremely important to us. IvyPanda. "Why Do Students Misbehave?" Some teachers can often accuse children of being deviant or lazy. Positive feedback should also be given for any notable effort. "If the behavior is accidental or if the child did not know it was unacceptable, then it is not really misbehavior. But if bad behavior starts to get out of control and your teenager is getting into serious trouble on a regular basis, you need to do something about it. Glasser, W. (1988). This scholar shows that misbehavior can be linked to the activities in which students are engaged (Supaporn, 2000, p. 124). The following were the interviewees’ opinions regarding the major identified themes; the individual and medical status, the school, peers as well as family background. In rectifying misbehavior that is out of revenge, the teachers should bear in mind that they have goals that ought to be achieved for instance ensuring that a student’s dignity is always maintained, creating a long-lasting change in the student’s behavior, keeping all things in control and more so using punishment as a last resort rather than a routine aspect. The difference in the rank of the interviewees is aimed at getting diverse ideas that will contribute positive inferences and conclusions regarding why students misbehave. Secondly, a teacher should keep in mind that misbehavior can be caused by anxiety or domestic abuse. There should be consistent motivation to encourage success which will reduce misbehavior that is associated with the fear of failure. The information gathered from the interviews and literature is important in helping teachers to deal with students’ misbehavior. Bad behavior involves deliberate disobedience to a reasonable limit" (Smith 1). Style Differences in Cognition, Learning, and Management: Theory, Research, and Practice. When parents talk on the phone, visit with friends or family, or are otherwise … All this has been to enhance our understanding of the various behaviors that are exhibited by students in the course of their learning and carrying out other co-curricular activities in school. For instance, those people, who teach algebra, usually let these students use pan scales. Mike further advised that to solve this problem, teachers should engage the students in self-esteem boosting activities. IvyPanda. Tests should be provided frequently to avoid anxiety. To better understand what to do when the situation occurs the teacher must know that almost always the students who is misbehaving is trying to show “control” (2005, p. 26). This was made possible by not disclosing the real names of the participants. Why Do Students ‘Misbehave’? Noguera, P. A. Thus, it should not be regarded only as a student’s fault. Students who feel they are in the presence of an alert educator are less likely to misbehave than those who assume they are not being watched. New York: Da Capo Press. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Such students often tend to bully others if they feel that their freedom is restricted by teachers or school administrators. Wadhwa, S. (2004). In particular, it is necessary to show that such conduct can be explained by both internal and external factors that cannot be always controlled by a student. New York: SUNY Press. 4th Ed. This makes a child constantly break the silence, so to say: shout, fight, be rude, or misbehave in any other way—each case is particular. Emotions may affect a student’s behavior as he or she tries to cope with the hormonal changes. Supaporn, S. (2000). McDonald, T. (2010). Yet, it can also lead to such problems as alienation from other pupils, negative attitude toward school or learning, or anti-social behavior. It is recommended that the teacher constantly circulate throughout the classroom to check on students' progress and give quiet suggestions in the event anyone is struggling with their work. The following names were used for the participants; for the students, Ann, Joe, and Tom, Mary for the nurse, Shirley and Jack for the teachers, Mike for a parent and Susan for the school administrator. Lack of clearly established and enforced rules and regulations is a leading factor towards students’ misbehavior as the students do not understand the dos and don’ts. From the information gathered from the interviewees and the review of written literature, some implications are worth noting. Seeking Attention. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. In case a student’s misbehavior is caused by the search for power; a teacher should try to let the students see that power is not a necessity. December 15, 2019. When a student engages in misbehavior, that child is often attempting to get a response from the adult. Clowning Around. New York: HerperCollins. Students tend to misbehave in the class when the teacher is not ‘popular’ with them. 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