The paint manufacturer shall submit paint technical data sheets and painting specification for approval to the purchaser and Owner. Step One Complete any planning or measurement work on your space, such as choosing colors, using a paint calculator to determine the amount of paint needed, and preparing your supply list. Did you find this article useful? Power and hand-tool cleaning shall not be applied. Inspection forms help collect field data and complete checklists for a variety of audits and inspections. The primer to finishing coat paint shall be from the same manufacturer for each system to ensure compatibility. Protective Coverings/Damage Plan. Prior to the commencement of work, construction contractor & Equipment manufacturer shall submit for the approval of purchaser and Owner, fully detailed procedure as to how he intends to carry out the work within the frame work of this painting specification and inspection procedure. Paint shall not be kept in the spray equipment post overnight, but shall be put back into a closed container and re-mixed before re-use. Project … Main steel structures and pipe racks – See Figure No. Quality Test & Inspection: Measure Coating Thickness. c. All equipment like columns, vessel, drums, storage tanks, heat exchangers, coolers, pumps, compressors, filters, loading arms, etc. 6.1.5. / How to set up a Receiving Inspection: Checklist, Procedure, Reporting form. 2.2. The requirements for inspection should be addressed in all protective coating and lining work specifications. instrument boards, motors) unless specifically required to repair paint damage or to match a color scheme. QUALITY ASSURANCE REVIEW CHECKLIST COR 1060 PAINTING STRUCTURAL STEEL. Any paint, which has gelled or settled during storage, shall not be used. It … Quality Control . 160-POINT QUALITY ASSURANCE INSPECTION CHECK SHEET Dealership Name:_____ Dealer Code: This includes inhibitive washes intended to prevent rusting, 3.3.7. IDENTIFICATION OF PIPES AND EQUIPMENT. In-Process and Post-Process solutions for 100% quality inspection & error-free procedures in the automatic flow of automotive production. Used Car Inspection Checklist: A Used Car Inspection Checklist is a wise option when you want value for money. ASTM's paint and related coating standards are instrumental in specifying and evaluating the physical and chemical properties of various paints and coatings that are applied to certain bulk materials to improve their surface properties. The relative humidity of the air shall be measured with a “psychrometer”. In case power-tool cleaning is impossible, hand-tool cleaning as per St3 will be acceptable, but only after OWNER approval has been obtained. Any paint for which the shelf life is expired shall not be used. Pipe supports which are welded to piping components, 2.2.c. Then when you come into Resene to buy your paint, bring your checklist and you can get all the accessories you need at the same time. When hiring a professional painting firm, the preparation is just as important as the painting itself. 2. This must be checked by paint inspection services company. Vessels and equipment with operating temperatures in excess of 93°C. Strainers shall allow all pigments to pass through, but not any skin. Concerning general composition, physical data hazards and precautions during and after application, toxicity / first aid, storage, spillage and waste disposal. DESCRIPTION ON SURFACE PREPARATION METHODS. Submission Editing. The construction contractor shall check the work for: 7. The thickness should be measured at as many points/ locations as decided by Client Site Representative and shall be within + 10% … The construction contractor & Equipment manufacturer shall provide full details regarding the use of a lower tier subcontractor, location of work, choice of materials and any further information. Safety officers and managers for can use this safety inspection checklist created by Employer Advantage can be used to conduct a New … Painting shall not take place under adverse weather conditions: 4.5.7. Selection of abrasive for blast cleaning shall be in accordance with the recommendations given in SSPC-SP-COM and the recommendations agreed with the individual paint manufacturer for each type of paint used. Manual volume 2 : systems and specifications. Color, Size, Number and Location shall be at the authorized personnel discretion at site. DOCUMENT TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR / EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER, Once the paint system has been adopted the construction contractor / equipment manufacturer shall submit the following for approval to the purchaser/ and Owner, 13. Any equipment furnished completely primed and finish painted by the manufacturer (e.g. Where appropriate, results shall be plotted on statistical control charts showing upper and lower limits of acceptance. When specified, the purchaser will request the provision of material samples and test panels of prepared and painted surfaces. Surface preparation shall not take place in the following conditions: Surface preparation may also be suspended at the direction of the inspector when adverse weather conditions are likely to develop before painting could be carried out. sieve series. Failure to comply with these requirements will VOID the vehicle’s certification. Pipe supports which are not welded to piping components, 3. Have we reviewed the material specifications? 4.1.1. 3.3.11. Copyright © 2012-2013 Inspection-for-Industry.Com, 1. No substitution or modification to materials and methods of application detailed in this painting specification inspection procedure is permissible, unless prior approval of purchaser and Owner has been obtained. To avoid the risk of ending up with a used car that’s going to leave you stranded, we suggest inspecting it well - on your own and/or asking for a professional used car inspection. Areas where due to inadequately prepared surface, solvent entrapment, excessive application of prime and/or finish coats, etc., the rested paint system consistently fails to meet the required test standards for adhesion/cohesion, the Contractor shall remove the affected area by blast cleaning and shall reapply the full paint system to meet the required standard. Any Primed surface which has been exposed for more than a few days will have become contaminated and should be cleaned down with fresh water and allowed to dry before over coating. b. A. How to set up a Receiving Inspection: Checklist, Procedure, Reporting form . brace is: ¾ Placed at an angle from horizontal between 45 and 60 degrees. 1.10.1. Hand mixing of paints shall only be permitted for containers up to 5 liters. Adhesion of the total paint system shall be not less than 1.5 Mpa (15 kg/cm2) measured by pull off test. 91°C ~ 200°C and 201°C ~ 400°C). I . Your quality inspection checklists will consist of different sections. These recommendations shall be considered an inherent part of this painting specification and inspection procedure and followed accordingly. Download, print or send your quality control checklists as CSV or PDF documents with your logo and branding. 9.1.3. Application of primers on wire breached surfaces shall be by brush. The tie coat shall be selected to ensure sound adhesion to the zinc silicate primer and be compatible with the finishing coat process. Where power wire brushing is used, excessive cleaning to the extent this is liable to produce a polished surface shall be avoided. f. Non ferrous material (copper, brass, monel-inconel, aluminum, bronze). (In door). Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter so you don't miss a thing. Coated items shall be handled with equipment such as wide belt slings, web belts and wide padded skids selected to prevent damage to the coating. Example of a quality inspection checklist. This must be checked by paint inspection services company. Where touching up prior to top coating of zinc based primers involved, this shall be preceded by thorough cleaning with solvent or an emulsion type cleaner to remove all oil and grease. Inspection Checklist . The HQS Inspection Resource Guide and checklist is designed to increase . Section Cost : $36 – 3 Check sheets at $12 each, Next set of Construction Quality Control Inspection Check Sheets >, Section Cost : $36 - 3 Check sheets at $12 each, Material Control QC Inspection Checksheets, Section Cost: $60 - 5 Check sheets at $12 each, Section Cost : $192 - 16 Check sheets at $12 each, Section Cost : $408 - 34 Check sheets at $12 each, Section Cost: $324 - 27 Check sheets at $12 each, Road Construction QC Inspection Checksheets, Section Cost : $72 - 6 Check sheets at $12 each, Structural Steel For Buildings QC Inspection Checksheets, Section Cost : $24 - 2 Check sheets at $12 each, Quality System Management ISO 9000 (1994), Quality System Management ISO 9000 (2000), Non-Destructive Testing Mechanical (overview), Oil & Gas Projects Standards & Construction Codes & Standards, Health Safety & Environment (ISO14001) Checksheets, Construction Quality Overview (Word Talk), RISK Construction Assurance best practices (Word Talk), HSE Construction Assurance best practices (Word Talk), Next set of Construction Quality Control Inspection Check Sheets, Giving project owners assurance that they are obtaining a quality product, Construction project quality assurance provides the customer with confidence, Protecting milestone payments, providing customers with evidence that the work carried out meets acceptance criteria. 11.1.5. Lighting plan for cleaning, painting, and inspection. During this period, no painting failures such as cracking, peeling, lamination, loss of adhesion, etc. Features. (1) Finish coat/Inner coat manufacture(s) shall guarantee compatibility, suitability and adhesion between primer and inner or finish coat. 3.3.4. Complete safety checklist and ensure that ladders & scaffolds are being used properly; Double check that all paint is applied evenly and is free from runs, sags or drips. Light Gray With 300mm Yellow Band As Note 1. 1.8.3. 4.2.2. Visual assessment of surfaces cleanliness.SSPC: Steel Structures Painting council.Manual volume 1: good painting practiceManual volume 2 : systems and specificationsISO 8503-1-2-3-4Roughness characteristics of blast-cleaned steel substrate.ISO 4624 paints and varnish pull off test for adhesionBRITISH STANDARDS COLORS: BS 4800 / BS 381CISO 3864 safety colors and safety signs.ASTM StandardsDIN Standards. 1.1.1 This painting specification and inspection instruction covers the minimum requirements for shop painting, field painting and repair work at site for the surface preparation and paint application to the Un-buried equipment, piping, steel structures, storage tanks, etc., which will be exposed to sea breeze and corrosive environment for use in industrial plant construction projects. All loose matter, such a mill scale, rust, primer, paint or other foreign substances shall be removed. Chipping, scraping and steel wire brushing using manual or power driven tools can not remove firmly adherent mill scale and shall only be used where blast cleaning is impractical, with the approval of purchaser / and Owner inspector such preparation shall be in accordance with photographic illustrations in SIS 05 5900 (Grade C st3). Any conflict between the requirements of this painting specification and inspection procedure, referenced specifications, drawing, and paint manufacturer’s recommendations, the requisition or the governing contract shall be referred to the purchaser and Owner for clarification before proceeding the actual work. A blotter test might be performed to ensure there is no water and oil contamination. At 123 Form Builder, you will find inspection form templates for any use case you need. Download. b. Boxes containing breathing apparatus, respirators, masks and other safety equipment. Basic, Color Codes, Line Number and Arrow for Piping. Peter Neumaier. Independent inspection may also be employed for full-time supervision at the discretion of the purchaser and Owner. The surface profile shall be checked in conjunction with an approved roughness comparator. Commencement and termination of pipe run.BranchesLocal to valve1.5 meter away from connection to equipment.Change of direction. 1.10.7. Blasting Material must be checked by paint inspection services company. B may be divided to the two categories (i.e. Indoor & outdoor piping (except fire-fighting systems or systems involving safety precautions). 1. Surface Preparation. Download. Relative humidity shall be measured and recorded a minimum of six (6) times a day whence two (2) times before commencement of work. Coated items shall be stacked off the ground using suitable means (e.g. Machinery: pumps, compressors, turbines, etc. If a skin has formed in the container, the paint shall not be used. This must be checked by paint inspection services company. 2.1. Each coat shall be inspected prior to application for the next coat. 3.3.12. The paint manufacturer shall state shelf life of all paints and protective coatings and shall provide recommendations for storage. Owners rely on tools such as the spec-ifications, contractor certification, quality control, and quality assurance inspection to verify that the work is per- formed as specified. 4.3.1. Inspection Access/Lighting Plan. October 22, 2019. When use of thinner is authorised by the manufacturer, it shall be added during mixing. The number and location shall be decided by the authorized personnel at site. This must be checked by paint inspection services company. When the relative humidity is greater than 85%. The equipment and the parts listed below shall be shielded to prevent damage during surface preparation and painting operations. Surface preparation should remove foreign bodies to allow the type of priming paint used to wet the surface thoroughly and develop adequate adhesion. The compressed air supply used for blasting shall be free from water and oil. u Electrostatic spraying equipment complies with regulations? 10. Download Template; Department of Transportation Safety Audit Checklist. Appendix A Inspection Checklists The following checklists are designed to assist quality assurance (QA) inspectors in performing inspections of construction of NRCS projects. Getting a perfect production run every single time is nearly impossible. Application of inorganic zinc silicate primer prior to pressure testing with consequent covering up of welds, shall only be permitted in specific cases agreed with purchaser and Owner. Shot it not acceptable, except as a standardized production shop process. 9.1.1. At the time of application, the construction contractor / equipment manufacturer shall be in possession of the application technical data sheets for the paint used. Finished paint shall have the correct shade, degree of gloss and evens and be free from tackiness after drying/ curing and from cracks, holidays, runs, sags, wrinkles, patchiness, brush or rollwer marks, or other defects that may be deleterious to the quality of the coating. Paint mixed in the original container shall be transferred until all settled particles have been re mixed with the medium. 1.10.4. The code color band shall be positioned in the center of the basic color and shall be of the following widths: 1. Any waiver of any article of this painting specification and inspection procedure shall be submitted for written approval by the purchaser/ and Owner. All cleaned surfaces shall comply to the required standards at the moment the primer coat is applied. This must be checked by paint inspection services company. 4.1.8. During application the items surface shall not have a temperature, which is detrimental to the appearances or life-time of the part. Painting and papering checklist. When spray application is recommended, supplemental repeated brushing is required to obtain adequate protection and crevices, bolts, rivets, welds, edges and other surfaces where the DFT can not be reached by spraying only.
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