View New Jersey Department of Health information about obtaining a marriage license in New Jersey including how to apply for a marriage license, requirements for entering into a marriage, where to apply, required documents, after you apply, and application fee. Public records are official records that document major life milestones in a person’s life or government records that are made public to any member of the community. Additional copies cost $2.00 for each. Below are the more useful and in-demand databases at the state level. The state’s most notable geographic feature is “The Shore” – the sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches spanning three quarters of its eastern boundary from Sandy Hook southward to Cape May. We are dedicated to producing databases, expanding catalog information and finding aids, and posting images of our documents online as resources and policy allow. In some counties, the processing of county public records are not even handled by the county government, but rather use the unified New Jersey County Recording service. Also, see Rule 1:38 for a listing of exceptions to the general rule of public access to court records. The state motto is Liberty and Prosperity. Last Name. New Jersey is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast, New York on the northeast, Pennsylvania and Delaware on the west, and Delaware Bay on the south. Southern New Jersey remained mostly agricultural, earning the state’s nickname: The Garden State. For example, in New Jersey, bids and proposals are public records but trade secrets, financial information, and any other information that could give an advantage to competitors is not subject to disclosure. • Bergen County GIS Ma… View information about obtaining New Jersey birth, marriage, and death records from 1914 to the present including online orders. The State Archives has a dual statutory mission: first, to preserve and protect New Jersey’s public records; and second, to facilitate access to them by the public. New Jersey Marriage Records are not categorized as public information. DISCLAIMER. Certain records are not available for public inspection in accordance with statutes and the Rules of Court Governing the State of New Jersey Judiciary. Salaries of NJ teachers. The intent of the … In 1787, New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution. Available information includes date of incident and address. The sparsely populated higher elevations in the northwestern part of the state have a humid continental climate, while the rest of the state has a humid subtropical climate. Welcome to the Atlantic County Clerk Official Records Public Search. Because if its location, New Jersey is criss-crossed by a complex network of railroads and highways. The Freedom of Information Act is a national law that releases government agency public records and makes it possible to view most public records. Search New Jersey Department of the Treasury business entities including corporations and limited liability companies by business name or keyword, and Trade Name or Service Marks by business name, principal name, county or original filing date range. Average temperatures range from lows in the mid-20s to highs in the mid-80s. With its long history, dense population, and numerous municipalities, New Jersey has an abundance of public records. And download our free app to take NJ Records with you on the run. There are two types of public records: personal public records and business or government public records. 47:1A-1 et seq. New Jersey Criminal Records Search. [3] A multitude of records are available, such as court records and arrest records, but it can be difficult to know where to access them. New Jersey public records do, however, contain some limitations. Requests made to the New Jersey Judiciary for records are governed by New Jersey Court Rule 1:38. PHONE: 609-625-4011 FAX: 609-909-5111 . [5] Other types of public records and documents found in New Jersey include reports of contaminated sites, library databases, and top business and individual debtor listings. Location of Court Records. (P.L. Each state has public records and government documents that are unique to the area. Search New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection public records, including regulated sites, air quality, brownfield development areas, childcare center facility site investigations, certified labs and contractors, enforcement actions, deeds of environmental restrictions, incident complaints, hazardous waste manifest data, Superfund sites, underground storage tank facilities, and more. The New Jersey Open Public Records Act, N.J.S.A. New Jersey marriage records are considered private vital records, while New Jersey divorce records are public court records. 2001, c. 404), commonly abbreviated OPRA, is a statute that provides a right to the public to access certain public records in the State of New Jersey, as well as the process by which that right may be exercised. Property records are updated on a weekly basis. View New Jersey State Police information about obtaining New Jersey criminal history records including online record order form. The published list pertains to uncollected tax liabilities owed to the Division of Taxation. View information about available New Jersey archive collections including 1666-1799 marriage records, 1878-1884 death records, 1848-1867 marriage index, 1885 census, 1847-1947 legal name changes, and 1776-1782 Revolutionary War damages, and more. On the other hand, it is #41 in cost of living, largely due to its high cost of housing and high level of taxation. In New Jersey, with a few exceptions, police reports and records are available to the public under the Open Public Records Act. Depending on the county, either the county clerk, county gis mapping department, county recorders department or tax assessment department may maintain public access to property and parcel records. Users can also access a searchable catalog of collections by subject, state department, document type, record group, date range, and more. Website includes information about civil union licenses and domestic partnerships. Search New Jersey Legislature database of Legislative bills by bill number, session, subject, sponsor, date or keyword. Obituaries, cemetery records, wills, death certificates, these are some of the documents that you can use in your own genealogical research. The information displayed on this Web Site is generated from computerized records in the custody and control of the New Jersey Judiciary and is intended for informational purpose only. Premium Databases. Active Records The Archives is located in downtown Trenton. View New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission lobbyist annual reports and data summary, and lobbyist quarterly reports and quarterly summary by name of lobbyist or registered entities. Public Records held at the Archive include the following collections: Lieutnant Governors Archive - including letter books and defence records from the late 18th centuty. Multiple departments of the county government handle the public records and parcel records for New Jersey. New Jersey has 21 counties, varying in size from 47 square miles (Hudson County) to 805 square miles (Burlington County) and in population from 66,000 (Salem County) to 905,000 (Bergen County). Users may also reserve an available business name prior to filing business formation documents for a fee. Website also includes link to charity information such as income and expenses. Vital Statistic & Public Records. The State of New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies that revolted against British rule and declared themselves free and independent states during the Revolutionary War. View New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection reports of New Jersey active sites with confirmed contamination, pending sites with confirmed contamination, and closed sites with remediated contamination. We are striving to develop the most comprehensive, New Jersey Land Records and Deeds Directory, New Jersey Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sales Directory, New Jersey Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory, New Jersey Sustainability and Environmental Health Directory, New Jersey Traffic Cameras and Reports Directory, New Jersey Crimes and Crime Data Directory, New Jersey Employee Directory Records Resources, New Jersey Government Jobs and Employment Listings Resources, New Jersey Jail and Inmate Records Directory, New Jersey Sex Offender Registration Directory, New Jersey Professional Licenses Directory, New Jersey Permits and Inspections Directory, New Jersey Voter and Elections Information Directory,, Survey of Public Record Laws Affecting Public Contracts, New Jersey Revised Statutes section 2C:39-13, New Jersey Birth, Death and Marriage Records, New Jersey Campaign Finance Report Search, New Jersey Corporations, Trademark and Service Mark Search, New Jersey Court Records and other Resources, New Jersey Employment Background Check Laws, New Jersey Environmental Protection Programs, New Jersey Environmental Protection Records, New Jersey Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance, New Jersey Securities Enforcement Actions. Debtors appearing on the lists are encouraged to contact the Division of Taxation. View New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance list of automobile insurance companies authorized to do business in New Jersey. Fast access to New Jersey public record sources at the state level. New Jersey, with nearly 9 million residents, is the most-densely-populated state in the nation, as well as the one with the most scientists and engineers per square mile. We have provided helpful categories and links to popular public access documents to help you in your records search. These links will direct you to the best website or contact information for the record you are searching for in this state. View New Jersey background check law and the ban-the-box law, known as the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Results include polling place address, polling place hours and whether it is ADA compliant. Search for New Jersey polling locations by address, city and county. It is linked to New York and Pennsylvania by many bridges, as well as the famous Holland and Lincoln Tunnels under the Hudson River. List includes name of insurance company, telephone number, and link to either insurance company or agent. Provides information about jobs, salaries, types of degrees and years as a teacher. NEW JERSEY PUBLIC RECORDS SEARCH. Quite the contrary, all states have released almost the entirety of the public records as requested by the FIA. New Jersey State Archives – The state’s official research center for historical public records, including land documents, vital records, probate records, and military service papers. View New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Property Management and Construction information about New Jersey surplus real estate auctions including terms of sales and how the state advertises the sales. New Jersey Free Public Records Directory The State of New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies that revolted against British rule and declared themselves free and independent states during the Revolutionary War. The cost is $3 plus .10 per page for each copy you require. Here are more examples of public access records from New Jersey at the state level; many more types of local records may be found if you search by county. First Name. Results include name, location, local salary, total salary, fund name and county. To learn more, click the following link: Do not sell my info, Search New Jersey Public Records by Record Type. Search a compilation of public notices from the New Jersey Press Association by newspaper or county, date range, or specific word or phrase. We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic search system is accurate. Search the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) website for missing children by name, city, date range or physical description. View New Jersey Department of Education school report card assessment results by year including historical report card data from 2001 to present. Index of Names to Various Records in Various New Jersey Counties, 1600-1800s. Scroll down for records on public payrolls, homes and taxes, land records, schools, crime and more. Results include date, type of action and summary of order. View New Jersey Department of Corrections listing of prison escapees including photo, name, birth date, sex, race, county of commitment, date out of custody, and facility escaped from. For local criminal records, you can visit the courthouse where the trial took place or contact the courthouse via phone or website. California Privacy Notice: If you are a California resident, you have the right to know what personal information we collect, the purposes for which we use it, and your options to opt out of its sale. Refer to Location of Court Records section below in order to determine where to submit a copy request or to view records. View New Jersey State Police 12 most wanted persons by name including photos and charges. Search New Jersey obituary records by name of deceased, date of death or obituary keyword through this paid service. View listings and photos of the most wanted persons of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New Jersey Field Division. Users can also conduct search for abductors or critically missing children through active AMBER alerts. Passaic County is located in northeastern New Jersey. The average annual precipitation of 43 to 51 inches is spread throughout the year. View New Jersey Department of Children and Families information about New Jersey adoption services including how to be an adoptive parent, the path to adoption, the adoption registry, birth records law, and a search of children who are waiting to be adopted. The State Archives is New Jersey's official research center for public records of enduring historical value. State SEARCH. Interested purchasers can complete an Investor Profile Form to be placed on the state's mailing list. View New Jersey Division of Elections 1924 to present general election results and primary election results by date. Search New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission campaign finance records for contributions to candidates, committees, parties or PACs. Only defendants with a case (s) on which he or she was convicted and sentenced in Superior Court, will display in your search results. Anyone can request a New Jersey Police report in writing through the agency – either the state police, county sheriff or municipality – that maintains the specific record. Also available is Polling Place Search, and link to New Jersey Voter Information page. Bid results include bid number, buyer name, bid description, purchase method, and bid opening date. Available information includes photos, missing posters, missing date, missing from city and state, physical description, vehicle information, if available, and any additional details.
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