Executing a successful implementation comes down to knowing what problems … Identification of document management strategies in the organization Step 4. From our perspective, there are three key factors to a … Implementation of the Document Management System Step 6. By taking account of the resources needed, like the hardware and software, decisions can be made on what those resources need to deliver in terms of data, management reporting, team reporting and overall project mana… Choose 1-2 departments as a trial project. This project team will be made up of individuals from all aspects of the organization (administration, departments, specialty positions, etc.). If you need to roll back to your current system, you won’t have lost too much. Luckily, we’ve laid out everything you need to get started with yours. If this checklist has given you food for thought and you’d like to know more about how to plan your electronic document management implementation, contact a QikSolve consultant today for a complimentary chat about your project. It is a road map to track, add, archive, and remove the documents from the system. An electronic document management system implementation is not just a technological change; for the staff who have to use the system, it represents a cultural change, as well. … How documents will be received, processed, reviewed, stored, retrieved, and eventually purged from the system. But the implementation of an EDMS is a major change and should be managed as such to avoid wasted effort and expense, compliance issues, and disenchanted staff. Software Implementation Project Plan. Not having one puts your organization at an unnecessary risk and decreases overall efficiency. what the communication and training requirements are. This will help the team develop a method of discovering how each department handles its documents. (Note: Keep in mind that each department may have a different process in how they receive documents and it will be up to the team to decide if it’s best for the organization to standardize the process or allow for departmental customization.). Having one: If your organization doesn’t have one, it’s time you considered developing one. For example, you might start by implementing the new EDMS in only one division. Evaluation of existing systems Step 3. [This subsection of the Project Implementation Plan describes how the system’s implementation is expected to impact the network infrastructure, support staff, user community, etc. If using an electronic document management system, move current electronic documents into the system. Pharmaceutical Quality System and your eQMS, QikGuide to SharePoint Document Management, Level 9, 440 Collins St Melbourne, 3000 Victoria, Australia, what types of documents you have and how they are used, what regulatory requirements relate to document management in your industry, e.g. Second, if staff outside the test division see a well-executed implementation and an EDMS that’s working well, it’s easier for them to adopt the system when it’s rolled out to the whole organisation. Document Management Software Rollout Plan Copyright 2015 SoftTech Health 12 Automatically generated reports of every file in your system and where they are in This includes the migration from the project team to the individual or group responsible for ongoing operation of the product. Use this electronic document management system implementation checklist to give your business the best chance of a successful SharePoint EDMS launch. Which system will be established to manage and store documents - a physical file system, an electronic one, or a combination of the two. All these things are immediately available through an electronic document management system with minimal set-up. Clearwater, Florida based Electronic Document Management Solution Provider specializing in document management, business process automation and records management. Approve policy and implementation plan. Documents and Materials Procurement. Design the Document Management System Step 5. The purpose of the Implementation and Migration Plan is to communicate how the project design will be deployed, installed, and transitioned into operation. Decide whether the entire strategy development and implementation will be done internally by the project team or externally with the help of a document management company. This could be new solutions to store and access electronic documents, ways to convert paper documents into electronic documents, and adding or eliminating steps in the. Other options for dated and unnecessary documents can and should be developed based on your organizations needs and legal obligations. While it’s true that staff have to work with the tools they’re given, it’s so much easier for everyone if staff feel they’ve had some input to the change. These templates are available in the forms of word doc and … The people involved in testing the new system should be those who are suffering the most from the lack of an EDMS and would welcome anything that’s going to help them. Generate User Adoption With a Proactive, Engaging Strategy. Do your change control reports leave you in the dark? (Note: When looking for an electronic document management system it’s important to have a system that allows for workflow capabilities, data indexing, the ability to segregate and secure records - allowing access to only those who need it, and is customizable to your specific needs.). A project implementation plan is the plan that you create to successfully move your project plan into action. 5 Top Tips for Document Management Best Practice, Key Benefits of Document Management Using Metadata, SharePoint Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation Checklist, 5 Common Questions About Office 365 Data Security. This strategy will outline: Once the outline is developed, it’s time to eliminate the clutter and those files that are only taking up space and potentially causing a liability risk. However, if you’re still required to keep some paper documents on file then you’ll first want to prepare folders for each type of document and organize those documents into those folders. Project Charter. Project Plan • Defines the approach the project team will use to deliver the new document management system. They will identify which documents from their group must be saved, which can be eliminated, and will also document the way their department processes documents. The document control plan is basically a guide or an outline that explains the management procedure of documents, virtual or physical, during the project life cycle. (Note: Drawing on the expertise of a document management software company can be incredibly useful given their immediate availability of resources and being able to provide electronic document management software. Be sure to document every step along the way. If this is the case, have the team revise their results from step 2. Implementing this process becomes difficult with a paper management system and does not provide the efficiency, reduced costs, compliance and auditing capabilities. How drafts, working papers, and document copies will be handled. To really get the most out of your electronic document management system implementation, train your staff in how to make use of the system’s powerful search capabilities. The size and complexity of your business will determine the scope of the project and the amount of planning required, but even a very small business needs to consider such things as: It’s advisable to assign a full-time project manager and engage a specialist consultant who can advise the project team on how to make an electronic document management system implementation succeed. Creating a Document Management Strategy for Your Organization, Document Management for Affordable Housing, Document Management for Financial Services. When creating and implementing any strategy, it’s important to know who’s in charge of seeing it through from beginning to end. Include any references to Service Level Agreements which describe the performance requirements, availability, security requirements, expected response times, system backups… We can look at the project as five steps of transformation. Remember to check every location, including closets, empty offices, and any other area documents may have been poorly stored. Implementing a document management system does not have to be a long drawn out process. An electronic system will be set up with security permissions. SaaS. Without proper attention to the human aspect, you are bound to fail in some of your key objectives. Implementation of the Document Management System Technology When implementing a document management project, both material and immaterial aspects must be taken into account. The Project Management Plan is the guide for implementing the major project and documents assumptions and decisions regarding communication, management processes, execution and overall project control. The ultimate purpose of the Project Management Plan … Allow scope in your project plan to start with some small wins and build on them. This document identifies your goals and objectives (both short and long-term), lists the project tasks, defines roles and responsibilities, outlines the budget and necessary resources, and lists any assumptions. Include reference sheets in the folders to help users locate related non-paper materials. Every organization needs a document management strategy. Determine how documents are received, processed, reviewed, stored, and eventually purged or updated across the organization. This approach offers a couple of advantages. Work with materials management … It is very likely that each of the categories above … DMS Implementation Welcome Call Preparation Phase 30 minutes Purchase and install hardware ... Review your project plan including this spreadsheet, and determine which team members will execute your plan ... Access to the current document management system… You probably already have an idea of which group(s) that would be in your organisation. No matter how great and intuitive the … Allow time for the necessary cultural shift to take place, accepting that some staff will take a little longer than others to feel at home with the new way of working. Whether this process will be standardized organization wide or customized based on each departments’ needs. This sounds obvious but it can be tempting to just dive in and start migrating documents to your new EDMS without a plan. Everyone involved in the DMS implementation project needs to be fully aware, right from the start, that the introduction of a digital document management system is not going to happen … This inventory will be helpful in identifying the types of documents your organization deals with daily, which records need to be immediately available and which will not. Document Management Systems (DMS) provide many features for meeting a team’s document needs. The essential purposes are the management of document repositories and historical data, and the maintenance of a methodical approach for the creation and updating of documents. File or upload new documents as they come in. This document describes project … Then follow the procedures established in your file plan. It’s finally time to implement your document strategy. The project charter formally authorizes the project whilst giving the project manager … Protect records - limiting access to only those who need it. Once everything is organized, it’s important that employees follow the strategy and keep all records up-to-date. This document … If you still have paper documents, begin scanning them in when applicable. Create a project plan. At the core is the new ECM system… Define metadata for each of the categories above. The review and updating frequency is specified to ensure continuous improve… ), Figure out what is necessary to carry out the document strategy to completion. facilities, materials, and personnel), and any site-specific implementation requirements. To ensure that all documents and processes organization wide are taken into account when developing yours, you’ll want to establish a project team for oversight. The project team may choose to commit dated documents into a company archive to create a history of records - something an electronic document management system does automatically. We recommend that this now becomes a corporate policy so that you have everyone using the new system and all company assets are protected. mandatory retention periods, how security and user access will be managed and by whom. Each member of the team will act as a mediator between the team and the group they represent. The Systems Implementation Plan is the main hub for planning activities and tasks linked to defining, developing and implementing an information system. The project team will take an inventory of the documents in every department’s office. It will be an uphill battle and you’ll be less likely to get positive messages spreading about the new system. If possible, involve an executive sponsor for the project from the start, so staff hear regularly about the benefits of the new system from the top down. If at all possible, avoid imposing testing on an unwilling or over-burdened group. The project implementation schedule is an important time management document that defines and schedules the major phases of project work being carried out to fulfill the desired project objective(s) and achieve the expected deliverables. Correct implementation maximises the value of any new system. The real power of an EDMS is that it holds all your important business information in one place and makes it available to staff to help them make informed decisions for the business. The plan contains an overview of the system, a brief description of the major tasks involved in the implementation, the overall resources needed to support the implementation effort (such as hardware, software. Used as a support device for your strategic plan, an implementation plan maps out how to bring your strategic plan to life by breaking it into identifiable steps, where each step is assigned a to team member to complete on a set timeline. The SKA project will use an information technology based Document Management System (DMS). Once your organization has its team established, they’ll need to: Now that the project team (possibly joined by a document management company) has an understanding of how your organization handles its documents, it’s time to identify what type of documents they’re dealing with and how they’re used. There will be a period of adjustment during which some staff will grab the new technology and run with it, while others try to cling to the old way of doing things. How documents are to be stored - centralized, in a single location or decentralized, and stored at individual work stations. If you’re switching from a paper-based system or a disjointed collection of electronic systems, staff may be unaccustomed to thinking about the ways in which they can use the data that is now available to them. It can be helpful to have a large whiteboard or a roll of craft paper to write on. The project team may choose to commit dated documents into a company archive to create a history of records - something an electronic document management system does automatically. SharePoint Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation Checklist. As you consider the ins-and-outs of a system, you should already know how your people will be using it. Design and implementation of inventory management system is a project research done with the intention of providing better solutions to firms. Use this electronic document management system implementation checklist to give your business the best chance of a successful SharePoint EDMS launch. It does not have to be hard or overly expensive. This sounds obvious but it can be tempting to just dive in and start migrating documents to your new EDMS without a plan. Taking inventory will identify which materials are: During this process the project team may discover they need more resources to adequately document, organize, and store everything. Firstly, any issues that arise are easier to deal with and can give you an idea of what could go wrong during a larger implementation in which the stakes are higher. The DMS has yet to be specified and its utilisation elaborated, although these will be in broad conformity with the provisions of this Plan. These project implementation plan templates can be downloaded by anybody with a lot of ease. Develop training forms and communication materials and obtain organizational approval for forms if necessary. Once the team has finished taking its inventory, they’ll need to determine: Now that the project team knows the types of documents its organization deals with, the purposes they serve, and where they currently are - they can begin putting together a strategy. By involving these people in the testing phase, you get a cooperative group that will help you work through any teething problems with the new tool, and some of them will be ‘promoters’ who’ll help sell the new system to the rest of the business. How documents are handled when they’re no longer needed in the office. Remove documents that have hit their retention periods to prevent a litigation or compliance risk. Assess the current system of filing and retaining documents - both paper and electronic. • It must address the reasons why the new system is being implemented for … Have a check-out system to track edits to documents and the people who made those edits. You’ll want to index all aspects of the document as they’re transitioned in. A couple of promoters within the ranks can also be helpful in building enthusiasm for and acceptance of the change. An ECM implementation project will and should change the business processes, workflows, and most of all, employee behavior. Maintenance and continuous improvement of the Document Management System … The project team will begin identifying and potentially eliminating all unnecessary documents that were discovered during the inventory and will eventually hand that task down to their respective groups. Other options for dated and unnecessary documents … A project implementation plan sometimes includes a rough schedule, but teams usually set the hard timeline in the execution plan. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(61671, '03bc2965-a72e-48ec-93b7-d8cc2d4f7f06', {}); Topics:
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