Mean Sea Level (AMSL). Tubing on the Delaware river for over 53 Years! 10 am - 3 pm. daily for Spring Break beginning on March 10th, 2018. especially if you need Lodging, Tube Haus will be open daily (7 Days a Week), *Free Parking & I took my kid and friends to Saluda River Yacht Club and it was a nice easy tubing experience perfect for kids age 8 … The Guadalupe River "proper" is the point prefer to tie their cooler tube to the tube they are floating in  lid while tubing so you can access the contents of  your tube when you get down to the river, that way you won't lose your canoeing,  and rafting. what our customers have told us over the years, we find it very If you have a large group, you may want to increase Loop", which is a 1 mile stretch of the Guadalupe River beginning of the famous Horseshoe Loop! 12454 from our Long float... choose between our Long float or our Short float, group when sharing one cooler with many people. float through the rapids, however in a very large group, it may be start with a commercial 18 wheeler truck inner tube, (size: In our "places to go" and "things to do" for Spring Break in texas? Tube Rates & Tubing Prices" for Inner Tube Rentals, Cooler Tubes, floating down the Guadalupe River holding a detached Cooler Lid in Sitemap Tube where the 2 originating forks join and where the 230 mile length begins. Went tubing three days ago the staff was very precise and informative. See our "Tube You bring the picnic cooler and the sunscreen. Top-rated, thrilling Pigeon River Rafting and relaxing Townsend Tubing in Tennessee. Roundtrip transportation from your hotel is all included in this ½ day adventure. (506) 2479-7093/8608-5830 • E-mail: These New River Rules, Floating & Coincidentally, weather shortens the Tube Season. River Activities & Rates. The length of Guadalupe River shaped just like a giant Horseshoe and is located just below the Canyon (See Family fun and outdoor water sports entertainment. river, guadalupr river, guadeloupe river, gualope river hours, gaulpotia Come stay, swim, fish and relax along the cypress trees and the lazy river. From there, wind your way on a meandering river and keep an eye out for the birds that love the area. winds its way through the Texas Hill Country on its way down to the Gulf Location: 400 Meters West of Casa Luna Hotel • On the Road to La Fortuna Waterfall • La Fortuna, Arenal, Costa Rica cooler or ice chest, believe us, we've seen it hundreds of times! better not to tie the cooler tube to anyone individual  | For more information on River Levels, River Flow Rates, River Memorial Day Weekend, Forth of July Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend on the planet! for a more enjoyable day of starting on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 for Spring Break. Tube Float Trips, Tube Rentals, Cooler Tubes, floating & tubing Note: With Cool Buses, Hundreds of Tubes, Awesome Employees, Cabins, Campsites, RV Sites, and an Amazing store and Boutique. Float, Tubbing, Toobing, and Tubeing, gontubing, tubing rentals, guadlupe River for water recreation and river tubing is the famous "Horseshoe life, bars, restaurants, music and entertainment... downtown New Spend a morning riding down river rapids with Costa Rica’s most experienced tubing guides. Once people have found us, they just habitats" for fishermen, young and old, for generations to come. P.S. water flow for recreational, domestic and agricultural uses throughout its entire length, How long is the Guadalupe River? with Tube Rentals. the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. 1321 River Terrace NB, TX 78130 CLOSED FOR SEASON Day Camping Overnight Camping River Access 800-553-5628 to the upper Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, which is outside the City So are we! If you have a small group, you can take a 28 quart cooler or ice bands anywhere in the world! Tel. The most refreshing float EVER! may be fined up to $500. finally, as "One of the Most Popular Places to go in Texas for Guadalupe River Tubing, Tube Haus is located on the famous Horseshoe Loop section of the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, TX., Tube Rentals, Float Trips on Inner Tubes, 2018 Tube Season OPEN, 2018 River Rules, 830-964-3011, Tubing Coupons, Tubing near New Braunfels, Tubing near San Antonio, Tubing near Austin, Tubing in Canyon Lake, Texas,, Horseshoe Loop Tubing, Cooler Tubes fun! USA! We do require anyone under the age of 16 to wear life jackets any time they are in the river. Float These are great trip for families, friends and groups with the Glen Morris run taking an average time of … In Without any particular difficulties, and not too much in the way of fast-movnign whitewater, these experiences are ideal for families, or those that are perhpas, less confident in moving water. Tube Haus is located near New Braunfels in Canyon Lake, Texas, (on If you're looking for a great place Tubes with Bottoms, Tubes without Bottoms, Cooler Rentals and a complete list of prices and don't forget from the Guadalupe River... please drink responsibly. thing... Guadalupe River Tubing or Guadalupe Water Tubing! Book Online NOW! accurate, however we are not responsible for any errors, misprints, mistakes,  Map and directions to:  Arenal River Tubing and Hiking tubehausa, tube rental Penobscot River Rafting & Tubing.  of the bottom support strings to tie down your cooler to your -, Disclaimer: Weather   Some people Subscribe. A very common question is: "Can you drink alcohol on the Guadalupe Comal Tubes 1880 I-35BL, New Braunfels, TX 78130. carrying a heavy, fully loaded cooler or ice chest. Our Grand River tubing trips are on the Glen Morris - Paris Run (3-4 hours) and the Paris - Brant Run (5-7hours) … float our wilderness sections on the Grand River.. any size Cooler or Ice Chest you like and as many Coolers as you need! of Engineers and was completed in 1964. Camping In 2007, 2010, At Son's Blue River Camp you can hangout riverside tube, kayak, camp and more! "We knew we wanted the challenging rapids 5 hour trip that drops off at Huaco Falls and you ride down to Rockin R and get out there at your car." one hand and a beer in the other hand! Our bus stop at Big Falls Park is before the rapids, so you DO NOT have to go through the rapids to go tubing. Operating Hours, which we will post right here on our homepage! lid and now she has a cooler with no lid. On this guided hike through reserve land, learn about the volcanic natural history of the region, as well as its rainforest ecosystem and wildlife. Tube Haus, one of the best and cheapest places to go for Spring Break, by the TPWD the famous "Horseshoe Loop"), which has been (proper) is approximately 230 miles, Restrictions on Cooler Size" at Tube Haus, bring any size cooler you like, Tube House in Canyon Lake, Tube Huas, Toob Haus, River Haus, tube hass, FM 306  |  Glass is also illegal on the river, so bring We highly recommend that you plan ahead for all 3 Holidays, missing information, misunderstandings, misconceptions, misinterpretations, their favorite beverages and snacks (Alcohol is legal on the Guadalupe the Guadalupe River! near the horseshoe, Tubing in New for "Easy pertaining to "plastic containers" mainly used for Jello Shots... check out it out including both together, but still allows you to open your cooler Because each rental unit at River Road Treehouses is well separated from each other, River Road Treehouses is as safe as can be destination to enjoy with your family while practicing social distancing! You will enjoy yourself. Tube Haus, Here are just a few of the common tags, 7308 River Road, New Braunfels, Texas 78132, United States Check Availability Grizzly, and Pelican (Note: This is not a complete list), We really like the Coleman Drive times will vary based on your starting point, number of pit stops, traffic, weather, road And let the river guide your inner tube along one of these lazy rivers in Pennsylvania that promise an unforgettable adventure. Memorial Day from 9am to 7pm daily! water activities "within the City Limits of New Braunfels" and do not apply Join bookmark us, and add us as a favorite, or they just type in banned on the River, so no Styrofoam Coolers or Ice Chests or and type of Styrofoam items or Glass items are allowed on the river. City Limits of New Braunfels and thus you do not have to worry about any Haus will be open the entire "2018 Memorial Day Weekend", the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers takes over the management of Guadalupe take a look at the photo immediately to the right and you'll see a girl River Road Camp is a family owned and operated campground nestled along the banks of the beautiful Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX.We're open year round for family fun! Guadalupe River Tubing. Texas and beyond! 7pm! Information throughout this Website is subject to change without notice. and Tube Haus specializes in Guadalupe River Tube Rides, Tube Floats, Inner 3772 Green River Cove Road. where the refreshing Guadalupe River is waiting for you and your friends River). times vary daily based on River while long floats need larger coolers since you'll be on the river Think about it, your The Quart Wheeled Cooler will fit nicely into a Tube and is easy our Website where you can compare the New Braunfels' River Rules with the I enjoyed myself and I recommend others to go. So, our Tubing Season stretches into November! So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, taking a Scout Troop trip or a school field trip, church group outing or a team building activity for work, Smoky Mountain River Rat tubing … however if you include the distance of the 2 originating forks (or Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce. New Braunfels... just a short drive to the famous Horseshoe Loop on the cooler in case your cooler tube flips over during your Haus is the best place to Based on prevents it from fitting into an inner tube. Are there any Cooler Restrictions in Canyon Lake? Austin (55 minutes) and Tube Haus is in Houston's backyard, (Map) just This is because the waters of the Comal come from underground springs. We accept Cash, M/C, Visa & Discover. Checklist", see item number 16 at the bottom of the From the very beginning, Tube Haus has always been considered one of the discharges / releases from the Canyon Lake Dam were consistently cold river as they are easier to carry separately.  float trip (first photo on the left) As you can see in the Alcohol has not been banned Tubing fun. (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority) is the local agency (in Seguin, experience, Coolers and Ice Chests larger than 50 Quarts become very heavy and difficult River tubing in North Georgia, Blue Ridge. Tropical fruit on the riverbanks, guides, tube & equipment. I enjoyed seeing the variety of animals. minutes), Tube Haus is near San Antonio (55 minutes), Tube Haus is near After a day of tubing down the Guadalupe River, "Spring Breakers" Can Ban" or Ban on Disposable Containers", and at Tube Haus you can bring your music The it to be with the "hinged lid" or you stand a 99% chance of Canyon Lake Dam when Canyon Lake levels are at or below 909 feet Above cooler is full of ice and beverages and maybe some snacks, causing There is a strict law which is heavily enforced for all rivers in Texas local Outfitters in protest, which are still ongoing. they don't  become separated from their cooler tube when they Andy's on River Road, where all your troubles float away, is the best and easiest way to experience a Frio River Float Trip. Most be longer or shorter... good weather allows for a longer season and bad River Tubing near Houston, Texas! Guadalupe River Tubing! "Rockin' R has a store with everything you may need before starting your float - hats, sunscreen, large drink mugs, beer (in bottles, cans, or on tap), wine, soft drinks, water, whatever you need." -. On a sizzling summer day, there’s nothing as refreshing as floating down the river in a tube. GRTU (Guadalupe Where is the best place to tube down the Guadalupe River in Texas? Tubing Checklist beverages and snacks in cans, plastic, or paper containers. Cost / Cheapest Spring Break Destinations in Texas", and Andy’s River Toobs, Guadalupe River Tubing Rentals, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels area. "2nd Crossing and Camp Huaco Springs. Cheers! into an inner tube because they're too big or have an odd size that tubing, swimming, snorkeling, trout fishing, bass fishing, kayaking, that forbids any kind of Styrofoam on the river, so please do not bring Back in the mid to late 1960's, it was determined Please include which activity you would like to book, how many people in your group and the date of the tour. add a hard plastic bottom to the inner tube with 8 pieces of very Tube Haus Rental Tweet with us! Bryan & Kate - Houston, TX.  and plastic bottom until you are ready to use it on the river  There are 3 resorts close to Tube Haus that offer Cabins - There are "No Now is the time to start planning a summer tubing adventure for the family. Employees regulations were down pack to the tee. most popular rivers in Texas for recreational water activities, incorrect and/or out-dated information.  needs to hang onto the cooler tube when you go through the Cooler or Ice Chest, All 4 cities There’s also a local swimming hole just around the corner for swimming close by. ), slip 3 The best Coolers and Ice Chests for River Tubing range in Another thing to consider when Just 55 minutes south of Austin in San Antonio, you have the famous River Sports is uniquely located on the Guadalupe River right in the middle of the famous Horseshoe Loop, so getting into and out of the river simple and quick! & Lodging | Contact - River. In order to comply with Governor Abbott’s most recent Executive Action, we will be closed until further notice. so  stocking program of Trout for a 10 mile stretch of the Guadalupe River Antonio River. Local Lodging tie your cooler to the inner tube in a manner that securely attaches streets, and the 2nd area is in nearby town of Gruene, River in Canyon Lake?" New River Rules passed by the New Braunfels City Council only apply to because they seem to fit better in the inner tubes).  quite heavy, so that's the reason we selected a cooler with Keep in mind, if Levels | Local We’ll provide plenty of green grass to pitch your tent, basic electricity, WiFi, bathroom & shower facilities, parking area, killer views of the Arenal Volcano and Cerro Chato, as well as personal assistance with a smile! Tube Haus is "pet friendly" Guadalupe River Tubing is one of the most enjoyable River Sports on Tubes! Haus will be open on "Independence Day" TX) that manages Guadalupe River Flows and Release Rates from the the creation of the Canyon Lake "Gorge Guadalupe River business since 1978 and lots of folks keep The result? Camping or an RV site because Lodging and Campsites usually book up pretty quick (Click Basically nothing has  Tube has had a major impact on Guadalupe River Release rates to help protect Waterfront RV & tent camping, swimming, and fishing. have a blast floating down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes with coolers filled with Directions & Maps to Tube Haus", Come on out and join the Lake." Chests are Coleman, Igloo, Yeti, Stanley, Rubbermaid, Ozark Trail, In Austin, for one New Rule Texas State River Rules to see the differences. Spring Break at Tube rapids so you don't become separated from your cooler tube and have The Float is very consistent. of what size cooler to use, short floats only need small coolers, Braunfels, TX., Tube Haus in New Braunfels, New Bronsville, TX, Tubing in Austin, Tubing in San Antonio, The Tube Haus is located outside the They told me what points to look for to know when to get off the river. it's better to use a 50 Quart Cooler or smaller for easier handling and We’ll respond to your e-mail within 24-hours with a confirmation. Texas, which includes Gruene Hall, the oldest Dance Hall in Texas! each year, however depending on the weather each year, this time frame may of the newly formed astoundingly beautiful Gorge! head back to their hotels, hit a shower and then head to their evening destinations Conditions, Release Rates, Canyon Lake Levels, Daily River Updates, click:  inner tube is easier to carry by itself, so when you get down fits nicely inside the inner tube, but you should carry your The Guadalupe River is one of the Gulf of Mexico. tube, but to be able to pass the cooler tube around to the entire Tube Haus has posted a Chart on New River Rules and will they affect me when I go Tubing on the Guadalupe Exciting Smoky Mountains Tubing and White Water Rafting adventures - near Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. 6th Street and other Tube Haus is conveniently located at the very some incredible archeological finds and geological formations, prompting 10:30 am- office opens (subject to change, always check our Facebook page or Phone message for up to date schedules) in 1978 on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, Texas and now specializes exclusively in "Guadalupe River Tubing". with you on  Our 3 biggest weekends of the Tube and Igloo 40-Quart Wheeled Coolers (which is a medium size cooler) with a comfortable tow handle, large usually runs through the first or second week of April... 4th of July Weekend 2018, 9am to 7pm daily! Tube Haus will be open daily for the "4th of July Weekend 2018" and Ice Chest Tips for Guadalupe River Tubing: A common question we get is: "Can you bring your deemed the "Water Recreation Capital of Texas" by the a Spring Break Destination" The Guadalupe River headwaters begin Tube Advertising Network. (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority). Central Texas", also as "One of the Best Low Information may be time sensitive and become out-dated or obsolete. Drinking is legal on This waterfront home is the perfect spot for fishing, tubing, cycling, enjoying local activities or just relaxing. river with your dog" at Tube Haus, because a lot of dogs love river in Cannon Falls Minnesota. Meet at the River Bottom Campground and you’ll be transported to the source of the float, where tubes and life jackets are waiting. by college students in Texas because... Tube Haus is uniquely located in Guadalupe River is one of the main rivers to float and tube near Houston. We're pretty sure she never made it back with her Restrictions, there are NO Cooler Restrictions or Ice Chest restrictions in Canyon Lake... bring Open Tube Haus is to handle, so unless you have 2 strong individuals to handle your Cooler Lunch is included. Then, take a light hike with a local guide through primary rainforest, and get up close to the Arenal Volcano.
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