Texture is medium fine. African blackwood is dark thru and thru and doesn't require heating the surface by sanding to darken it. ), African Blackwood is a consistent favorite with acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and fine furniture craftsmen, alike; it remains one of the world’s most coveted musical woods. 5 out of 5 stars (1,689) 1,689 reviews $ 13.91. Without question, the densest and most un-rosewood-like of the Dalbergia's (for our money, at least! The most prolific region for African blackwood is Mozambique. We’ll beat anyone’s price! Sort by . Check it out! Welcome to the Wood Shop.We make wooden furniture to sell to the public. Without question, the densest and most un-rosewood-like of the Dalbergia’s (for our money, at least! African Blackwood often appears almost completely black, with its grains hardly discernible. With more than 10 years in the Furniture Manufacturing Industry, we pride ourselves on being a hands-on service orientated Furniture … The colour and quality of the wood varies substantially. African Blackwood. in height and 30 cm (12 in.) African Blackwood-(Dalbergia melanoxylon) - also known as Grenadilla, or Mpingo is a flowering tree in the family Fabaceae, native to seasonally dry regions of Africa from Senegal east to Eritrea and south to the Transvaal in South Africa. Search. African blackwood, also known as grenadillo and mpingo, is a short tree that normally grows to about 25' and rarely reaches 40'. custom furniture South Africa. Authentic collectors items made by artisans in Malawi (East Africa) A two (2) part chair, no assembly required Each chair is unique as they are carved by hand one chair at the time. The Tree It is an upright tree growing up to 30 m tall. African blackwood: Dalbergia melanoxylon: Technically a rosewood, African blackwood is a great choice.Its more stable than ebony, harder, just as heavy and far more stable and crack resistant. Contemporary furniture for sale. African Blackwood is black with violet streaks (when seen up close). Daniel Gill,Fine furniture,Handmade,Custom,Bespoke. It is difficult to work and bend, but is superior in turning applications where it is thought to be one of … It has been used for many years for flutes, piccolos and other traditional instruments. The African blackwood tree is widely distributed in a triangle spanning from South Sudan to Angola to the Eastern Cape in South Africa. 90. July 4th 2020, Phases Africa offers a wide variety of superior quality African decor, furniture, area rugs, unique lighting, art decor and much more, since 2001 Superb craftsmanship African, Malawi, Wooden Hand Carved Chair or Fertility chair - extra large. Aptly called the 'tree of music', African Blackwood is a well known tone wood for woodwinds and stringed instruments. Explore 73 listings for Blackwood furniture South Africa at best prices. Blackwood Furniture Sale now on – Blackwood 6, 8, 10 & 12 seater tables and chairs. 1 - 24 of 62 ads. African Blackwood Veneer For Furniture , Find Complete Details about African Blackwood Veneer For Furniture,African Blackwood Veneer,Artificial Wood Veneer,Engineeried Veneer from Veneers Supplier or Manufacturer-Dongguan E&R Wood Co., Ltd. Even exotic tropical hardwoods such as Zebrawood (1,830 lb f ), Santos Mahogany (2,400 lb f ) and Cocobolo (2,960 lb f ) can't compare to the exceptional hardness of Dalbergia melanoxylon. Eco Furniture Design is a Leading Furniture Shop South Africa. A quite singular material – deep black with a hard fine almost metallic texture. Our furniture is made locally. For high quality furniture and inlays in light coloured wood. It is a dense waxy wood, excellent in holding fine detail, which makes it one of the finest choices for woodturning. The bark on older trunks is dark greyish-black, deeply fissured and scaly. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acacia Melanoxylon COMMON NAMES: Australian Black Acacia, Australian Blackwood, Black Wattle, Blackwood & Swarthout The grain of SA Blackwood can be wavy, straight and in some instances interlocked. The african blackwood offers superior practicality and versatility when making furniture, handling general repairs, or even conducting maintenance works. We are artisans, specialising in the design & making of custom furniture and decor. At a distance it appears as black as night. If we don’t have it we can make it for you. ), African Blackwood is a consistent favorite with acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and fine furniture craftsmen, alike; it remains one of the world's most coveted musical woods. It resembles the tone of the Coccus wood, which became commercially extinct. CUSTOM MADE. Origin: East Africa Weight: 1200Kg/m 3 Dryness: Air dried / Part seasoned Turnery grade squares Other names: Grenadilla, Mpingo. From shop DizzyDuckDesignsUK. ZULU STENCIL - Tribal African Furniture Craft Wall Stencil for Painting - ZULU01 DizzyDuckDesignsUK. African Blackwood scores a prodigious 3,670 lb f on the Janka hardness test, which puts supposedly hard woods like white oak (1,360 lb f) and rock maple (1,450 lb f) to shame. READ MORE Ananzi.co.za. African blackwood is most often used in turned objects, where it is considered to be among the very finest of all turning woods—capable of holding threads and other intricate details well. Blackwood – Acacia melanoxylon (Swarthout) Invasive Acacia melanoxylon, known as Australian Blackwood, is native to eastern Australia, and grows prolifically in South Africa. Also some lovely old pieces. Plasma stands – Servers – Sideboards – Coffee tables – Side tables – Jongmanskas – Tallboys – Drawers – Bookcases etc. The cheapest offer starts at R 550. FREE Shipping. Bespoke furniture made to order in the Western Cape , Gauteng. Buy your exotic African Blackwood turning stock, peppermill blanks, knife & pen blanks, cue blanks & spindle stock online in any amount you like. Stuff. It grows primarily in the savanna areas of East Africa. Its richly detailed exposed frame and scrolled, rolled arms are hallmarks of traditional style—while the indulgently soft and light linen-weave upholstery is a refreshing twist. African Blackwood Botanical name: Dalbergia melanoxylon. The Blackwood 2-piece living room set gives stately elegance a sense of newfound flair. 5 Pairs Natural Black Ebony African Blackwood Chopsticks in Fine Matte Finish Without Lacquer, Wax and Varnish - Square handles - In Classic Chinese or Japanese Style - Box Set New Year Gift Wrap. Wood Properties. It is a small tree, reaching 20-45' tall, with grey bark and spiny shoots. When made into clarinet or oboe bodies, the wood is typically processed on metal-working equipment, giving it a reputation as being metal-like in some of its working properties. Wider boards do tend to cup. Stock sizes changing regularly - e.g. 305 x 37 x 37mm The tree can be easily recognized by its fluted trunk. Locally, Blackwood is seen as an alien invasive species. Blackwood LOGS are black thru and thru....just search for photos on the net to debunk bad information. Wood Appearance. African Blackwood AKA Blackwood African. Blackwood furniture for sale. The tone is as rich as African Blackwood, as powerful, but a little bit warmer. Login / Register. Blackwood furniture South Africa. African Blackwood – Dalbergia Melanoxylon. 4.1 out of 5 stars 10. African Blackwood is also used for chess pieces, ornaments, and walking stick and knife handles. “Five drawer chest” Brown oak,holm oak and African blackwood. No Order Minimums. Botanical Name: Dalbergia melanoxylon Country of Origin: South Africa Blackwood was brought to South Africa from Australia, and it is now harvested in the montane forests of the Knysna area and eastward around the coastal areas all the way to Swaziland. The African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP) ... it encompasses the production of a range of cultural artworks based on the aesthetics of furniture styles developed during the Ming (1368-1664) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Alibaba.com's range of african blackwood is perfect for users in different industries, including retail, public, building trade, joinery, and carpentry. The tree It grows as a bush in most places and, in only a few regions, as a sizeable tree – measuring up to 9 meters (30ft.) Since 1996 the African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP) has been committed to replanting the tree species Dalbergia melanoxylon – more commonly known as grenadilla, African blackwood or mpingo (Swahili) – in its native habitat of eastern Africa. furniture shop South Africa. office furniture for sale shop desks reception room . We are a Manufacturer and Supplier of Solid Wood and Steel furniture that is stylish; functional and quality guaranteed. We can custom make furniture according to your specifications. $43.90 $ 43. solid wood beds. We supply our local, national and international clients with bespoke feature and 'one-of-a-kind' pieces that individualise and personalise their space, allowing them to tell their story. African Blackwood TROPICAL HARDWOOD Uses: In fine furniture and the construction of musical instruments - in particular woodwind instruments (most commonly clarinets and oboes) and guitar and stringed instrument fingerboards. The wood tends to be black with subtle greyish grain running through it that personally, I find much more interesting the solid, featureless black of ebony. I've got about 50 blocks of African blackwood on the bench cutting it up like I've done for years. This hardwood finishes to an incredibly fine, satiny smooth polish. Blackwood furniture South Africa. in diameter, or larger. Our wooden furniture is often custom designed to the needs of our happy clients.. Duane Els, the owner, is a seasoned entrepreneur, who loves all things wooden.The Wood Shop SA can be found neatly tucked away off the hussle and bussle of the main road in Muizenberg, next to the very well know Masque Theatre. The result is a decidedly classic look with the modern comfort and ease you crave. Colour – Dark purple brown with black streaks which predominate, giving an almost black appearance Grain – Grain direction is usually straight, but sometimes variable. 3 days ago. Solid wood and Steel bases or Glass tops. 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